Smart use of sanitary ware to create a new feeling of bathroom

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Bathroom decoration is not a simple thing. If you want to create an ideal style in your mind, you have to work hard.

Take solo and townhouse, which are popular nowadays, for example. Generally, the toilet area of solo is very small, which makes it difficult to design. However, although the luxurious townhouse toilet is large, it is often disordered due to too many things placed by residents, resulting in visual congestion. In fact, no matter whether the bathroom space is large or small, clean and tidy is the most basic guiding principle of all space design. Therefore, in the design of bathroom space, it is best to use fresh color, soft light and simple storage sanitary ware, and strictly abide by the design rules of different spaces.

The bathroom decoration of small space is mainly simple and generous. This is that the sanitary products you choose must be very small and bright in color, so that you can achieve a visual effect of expanding space.

For the larger bathroom space, there is relatively more space to play, you can design according to your preferences, in the purchase of sanitary ware, there are also more choices for you. But no matter it's a big space or a small space, the decoration should be simple and practical, so that you can play your imagination and make the bathroom decoration as a happy thing to do.