Tips for selecting sanitary wares

ADD:Jaza Sanitary ware

1. Purchase time: after the overall decoration style is set, it's time to order the appropriate brand, style and color of the sanitary ware, not after the tiles are pasted.

2. Color: it is better to use the same brand of washbasin and toilet, and the same color and material will make the small space appear unified and harmonious.

3. Judgment standard of appearance quality:

(1) Carefully check whether there are cracks on the surface, or gently tap the edge of the porcelain with a thin rod to hear whether the sound is clear and crisp. When there is a "hoarse" sound, it proves that there is a problem with the porcelain.

(2) Deformation size: place the porcelain on a flat surface, rotate in all directions, check whether it is stable and symmetrical, whether the mounting surface and the edge of the porcelain surface are even, and whether the mounting hole is even and smooth.

(3) Glaze quality: the glaze must be fine and smooth with uniform glaze color. You can drop a few drops of colored liquid on the glaze, wipe it with a cloth evenly, dry it with a wet cloth after a few seconds, and then check the glaze, preferably without dirty spots.

4. The pit distance of the toilet needs to be measured in advance to understand the drainage method of the toilet (under drainage or after drainage).

5. Accessories: the accessories of the bathtub are one for falling water, the accessories of the toilet are flange, one for hose and angle valve, and one for S / P bend of the basin. Two angle valves are required for the faucet of the basin. When purchasing the bathroom, try to complete them as much as possible to avoid secondary purchase.

6. Bathtub: it can be divided into acrylic, cast iron and steel plate from the material. Now there are some resin bathtubs. You can choose the bathtub you need from its performance and price.

Bathtub has skirt, no skirt, and independent, according to the size of the bathroom at home to choose when buying.